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The 5 best cheap holiday destinations to consider this year

Date Added: March 10, 2018 11:43:48 AM
Author: Best Directory 4You .com
Category: Recreation: Travel
This old quote has been trending on social media recently. Why? According to research, millennia travel far more than previous generations. More than ever before, many are heading for holidays in the highways around the world. Everything the exotic trip sounds expensive, but it does not have to be! Continue reading the best cheap holiday destinations for 2018. 1. Portugal Old towns, lagoon islands, salt pans, ancient castles, cliffs and sandy beaches are among the many places to visit when heading for Portugal. Accommodation varies in price. But there are many B & B, holiday or cheap hotels to choose from. If you head to a 5-star luxury hotel with all inclusive, you will not just spend megabuks, but you will lose your local experience. Go for cheaper accommodation and spend your time with locals for an authentic experience. Many budget airlines travel to Portugal, some even with bargains and regular offers, which means your flight might be even cheaper! To travel around, you do not need your own car because there are a lot of buses and trains running regularly at the right prices. Seafood is famous in Portugal, generally cooked in the easiest ways but with the finest tastes. Go to local bistros and restaurants for an original taste of Portugal. These units will be much cheaper than many hotels and tourist restaurants. And do not forget to try the local Port wine for an authentic Portuguese drink. 2. Croatia With popular tourist destinations, such as Greece, which is experiencing financial instability, many are heading for Croatia. If you avoid the peak season (July-August), Croatia can prove to be one of the best cheap holiday destinations to visit in Europe. With a historic architecture, waterfalls, gravel beaches, mountain coastlines and an extraordinary nightlife, Croatia captures many boxes for all types of travelers. There are also many activities you can do - snorkeling, diving, kayaks, hiking, zip fasteners and more. Croatia is also good at taking children because there are plenty of fun things to do to them. Cheap flights are abundant, and public transport is easy, with many easy-to-reach buses and ferries. Mediterranean-style food and local wines are both tasty and reasonably priced. You will eat on vacation if you decide to visit Croatia. 3. Thailand Thailand has been a popular destination for a few years. But it is still one of the best cheap holiday destinations, mostly due to the exchange rate. Thailand is fun, energetic and full of culture. With historic palaces, tropical islands, caves, mountains and jungle safaris, there is much to do in Thailand. There are almost one hundred temples in Chiang Mai that you can visit freely. There are also many street markets with many bargains that can be found. When traveling from the US, even if the distance is far away, flights are cheap. Travel to Thailand is also great for budget buses, trains, and cheap taxis and trishaw in abundance. Another option is hiring a bicycle or even a motorcycle to explore the area in your spare time. Food is extremely cheap, with good value buffets and street streets available for just a few dollars. In many other countries, prices for 5-star hotels are exorbitant. But one of the best things about Thailand is that you could afford your luxury because of the exchange rate and lower prices. For example, a wonderful luxury place to stay is Howie's Homestay. Check it out! 4. Indonesia Indonesia, although it is a long-distance destination, is extremely popular due to low travel costs and cheap activities. Made of thousands of islands, Indonesia is full of rich culture and beauty. Indonesia is very varied, with monkey jungles, religious temples, volcanoes, wrecks and mountains. There are also many fun things to do, from snorkeling and diving to white water rafting and quad biking. Many backpackers choose Indonesia for cheap accommodation because there are many cheap hostels to stay. If you want to upgrade to a hotel room in general, you will not have to pay too much more. Return flights to Indonesia vary during the year but are generally less than $ 500. Most of the islands p